About Bellhops

Make a $13/$15 an hour (plus tips), have a flexible schedule, and work with your friends.

Bellhops is a new type of moving company that handpicks local college students to provide moving and lifting services on-demand. This is the perfect extra college job.

It is very simple. The customer goes online and books a move, detailing all of their moving needs. Then the bellhops (you) are notified by a text and on the app. You claim the move only if you have time and want to.

The first bellhop to claim the move is the "Captain" and is paid $15 an hour (plus tips). The Captain is in charge of communicating with HQ and the customer. The second bellhop is the "Wingman" and is paid $13 an hour (plus tips).

You must be:
Currently enrolled in a college with an .edu email account
18 years or older
Have a great attitude and a smartphone

To give yourself the best chance of being selected to be a bellhop, say a Campus Director referred you when you apply and use my name, Carl Webb.



May 2019 Knoxville, TN
“Flexible work schedule Different each day ”
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