Named the "Global Virtual Experience Guru" by the Wall Street Journal, Belinda Chang founded and operates a luxury experiential marketing agency. The three-time James Beard award-nominated and two-time winner specializes in: global virtual experience for maximum engagement, luxury marketing, brand development & education, and execution with photo, video, on-air and livestream capabilities for food, wine and lifestyle clients.


Marketing and Production Intern

January 2021 - May 2021 Chicago, IL
“While there were many things that I loved about this job, one thing I loved most was the day-to-day challenges. I was always learning something new, doing a task that stretched my creativity, or helping Belinda "do more good." Needless to say, I was never bored, but I was always absorbing new work skills and new lifelong skills that I wouldn't have learned any other way. What I really admired about Belinda is how much she took me under her wing and took the time to teach me everything I've learned. I can confidently say that I learned more about marketing and production in the six months I worked here, than the five years I had as a student in college because of her. Aside from learning, Belinda was also super flexible with schedules and balancing work life, which made for a really positive environment in the studio. Almost every aspect of this job is hands-on, and there are so many small perks that you get to experience working with Belinda Chang that I will always be grateful for! I truly enjoyed this job more than any of my other ones and highly recommend it to anyone in the marketing, production, or sales field.”

Marketing Communications Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Chicago, IL
“Loved my experience working with Belinda! An amazing boss dedicated to letting you take the reigns. It's a small office, so you get the opportunity to do a lot first-hand. I learned how to use Adobe Spark to create a marketing pitch deck, as well as help with the organizational aspects of luxury experiential marketing. ”
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