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About Behavioral Dimensions, Inc.

Behavioral Dimensions (BDI) is a team of creative, supportive, and compassionate individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of families impacted by autism and related conditions.

We provides in-home services working 1:1 with children with autism and other related disabilities. We use evidence-based intensive behavioral intervention strategies based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to bring children’s language and social skills up to age level, as well as a variety of other skills.

We understand every child and family we serve is unique and use a person-centered approach in what we do, customizing our programs to the cultural needs of the families we serve. We make sure each staff works with each child at least twice a week to ensure continued rapport and client-program familiarity.

We provide thorough training to our staff with support from professionals on an on-going basis to improve our professional skills.

On a typical day, we work 3.5+ hour shifts with each child. Depending on if you are seeking full time or part time, this may happen 1-2 times a day. We are willing to work around your schedule!

BDI is a family-first company that promotes from within. Our company has been providing services for 20+ years, and have 21 staff with us for 10+ years. We are recognized in the state as one of the top providers of ABA therapy and are expanding! BDI provides hands on training, mentoring and supervision that can help you gain experience in this field and assist with career advancement. Not only do we also work with students to be flexible with hours, but we also provide tuition reimbursement and bonuses to employees who complete their Masters degree, certification, and licensure in related fields. Most of all, we love what we do!

“I love working with BDI because of the difference I make in the children I work with. I also appreciate how the company has supported me in my career path and has provided me with multiple promotion opportunities.” -Kristina Kircher, Senior Therapist, 4 years

“I love that laughing and playing are normal parts of my work day.

“It’s a great feeling to see parents notice their child’s progress. I’ve been known to get a little teary eyed right along with a mom or dad when their child is able to do something they hadn’t expected.” -Jodie Johnson, Senior Therapist, 13 years

“One of the most rewarding parts in working with Behavioral Dimensions is teaching such incredible kiddos and seeing all of their progress they make every day. I love having the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our clients and families! It is a joy to be involved in the journey and growth of each child as they learn and generalize language skills, establish positive relationships with family members/peers, work through challenges, and succeed in the community.”

“As part of the staff development team I also greatly enjoy working alongside our staff providing ongoing support and training to help them learn skills and strategies to best serve our clients, build confidence, and achieve their personal goals and promotion opportunities.”

“Behavioral Dimensions has an amazing team of staff who are caring and passionate about working with children and their families. They are an extremely supportive company committed to providing high quality services across all clients, as well as a positive work place for their employees. Behavioral Dimensions has provided me with the training to develop as a professional and gain knowledge to best support our clients.” -Lindsay Kitner, Program Implementation Manager, 19 years

“I used Behavioral Dimensions. And they helped me with my mental health issues and help make me a better person today…. I'm so glad that we're a part of my "Mental Health Team"! I I honestly don't think there is any other Behavioral support organizations who have been willing to go work with my school. Even before there was any success with the family @ the house.” -Former Family Served


Behavioral therapist

January 2020 Marshall, MN
“Working with children and helping them learn. Great communication within the company and work is fun and very rewarding. ”
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