Beechwood Grill

About Beechwood Grill

For centuries an “Inn” was a place travelers could find lodging, food, and drink. Here at Beechwood Inn, we are no exception. Service, great food, and drinks are our passion, but never the lodging. (Except, maybe our founder, Craig, catching a quick overnight nap between a late night catering and an early morning breakfast!)
It was because of the success of these caterings that Beechwood Inn grew in popularity; most notably from our charcoal-grilled chicken. For the last four decades, we have perfected grilling at company picnics, weddings, and small family gatherings. Our love of grilling can even be seen on display as you look around the restaurant. Here on our walls, you will see corrugated metal panels on display. These panels are not only “decorative” in nature - they are actual sections of the same BBQ grills that we have used over the years to grill our famous chicken. These pieces of history and our love of grilling is what has prompted us to reintroduce ourselves as Beechwood Grill coming in March 2018!


Catering lead

March 2016 Holland, MI
“Being able to lead the catering events ”
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