How do I prepare for an interview for a Field engineer position at Bechtel?

Think about how mobile you are...the nature of this work is you finish one project, and then move somewhere else for the next job. Are you ok with moving across the country on short notice? Would you move overseas? Would you live somewhere rural? Somewhere you've never been? Assignments range fro...

What kind of work would I be doing as a field engineer at Bechtel?

Generally a mix of office and field time, the office may be a construction trailer or other temporary space. Time at your computer may be reviewing a 3D model, drawing packages, requesting and reviewing information from engineering, reviewing asbuilts and closeout packages, and completing paperwo...
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Would I have much use for my mechanical engineering major while working as a field engineer at Bechtel?

I didn't find myself using much technical knowledge in my way to day work, though mechanics of materials did help in understanding some of the intricacies of bolt tightening and piping calculations. But the most valuable skills were work ethic, presenting information, computer skills, time manage...
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