Bearpath Golf and Country Club

Food & Beverage Rotational Intern

May - August 2021 • Eden Prairie, MN

What I liked

Bearpath Golf & Country Club was the absolute best place to do a first internship because I walked in the door thinking I would only be doing a limited amount of job duties, but I walked out the door in August with more experience and a new level of skills that I did not think was attainable in 12 weeks! Some of my positions included restaurant manager, server, hostess, expediter, food runner, buffet supervisor, bartender, and assistant event manager, but beyond this list, I got to practice flexibility and leadership as I was constantly taking on new roles to meet the demands of the club. I have held many job positions in the past, but I can truly say that I have never worked in such a positive employee atmosphere before. When working at Bearpath, one quickly becomes part of the employee and member community/network which is such a motivating and unique aspect as everyone wants each other to succeed. Whenever I had a question or was unclear on something, I never felt intimidated to go to my managers as they are eager to teach and support. Clear communication is essential to a strong workplace and that is definitely present at this location along with a positive atmosphere. Not only did I learn so much about the country club, wedding/event, and restaurant industries, I also learned so much about myself too! No matter where you are regarding experience, Bearpath will tailor to where you are at and help you to expand your skillset in ways that you did not think were imaginable while also enjoying the job every day!

What I wish was different

The one thing that I wish had been different for myself is that I was hoping to do a little more of the administrative/planning efforts for both the dining rooms and events (weddings, member events, holidays) because I am interested in the back of house area too. Although, it is definitely necessary to begin in the front of house to fully understand operations and have the knowledge necessary to handle office and administrative work, but I now feel that I am ready and at the level where I can hold a position doing that in the future.


The one piece of advice I would share about this experience is to go into every workday with a positive and optimistic attitude. The days will be long sometimes, but if you work hard, make good connections with the other employees and members, and constantly have a goal to succeed/better yourself, then the days will start flying by faster than you want them to. There is definitely a physical aspect involved too regarding moving around necessary items and food, so make sure to own a good pair of shoes and always be willing to help/go the extra mile because that is when excellence is created and you really learn.
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