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The heart of Bauer Hockey is built around one simple idea -- innovation. Whether that innovation is called Vapor, Supreme or Nexus, the principle is the same: think something that nobody has thought before, or improve something that already exists. It's how we create our products, and it's the way we treat the people we work with.


Sales Operations Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Exeter, NH
“I liked the fact that they created Lunch and Learns where we would get lunch ordered in and spend 45 minutes with a company executive. We would have the opportunity to ask them questions and hear about their path to what got them to where they are now. This was wonderful because it gave us an opportunity to learn how to do it the right way from people who did it themselves. I also loved that the office was littered with hockey gear, as a hockey player for all my life seeing all the gear everyday was so exciting. I also got to participate in what they call Athlete event where they bring in their top athletes to shoot all of their promotion videos for the year. This was great because being the equipment manager with our Men's Ice Hockey team I was able to set up all the locker rooms for Bauer's NHL stars which was super exciting. They also cared about my personal development through asking what I wanted to go into and set up different things to help expand not only my network but that also help me get the most hands-on experience possible. I got to go on a ride along with a sales guy as he went and visited retailers. I also got to sit in on a pre-line meeting with one of their key accounts where they walk through the product for next year and hear what the retailer concerns are based on how much stock they still have from the previous year. They also had us set up a project that incorporated company values. This took the whole internship to set up but was awesome to see everyone in the office compete in a field day. To show off the competitive nature of the office in a fun family friendly way, that consisted of food at the start and prizes at the end. ”
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