Barefoot Republic Camp

About Barefoot Republic Camp

At Barefoot Republic Camp we seek to facilitate Christ-centered relationships between individuals from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds through an equally diverse platform of artistic, athletic and team-building programs. To reflect God’s pursuit of His children through interests and passions, interpersonal relationships, and equipping students with tools for exploring and discovering God’s presence in their lives.

Being barefoot is a sign of vulnerability, our humanity, as well as a sign of our brokenness. It is only when we admit that we are barefoot, that we are able to comprehend our need and receive God’s provision. We consider our cabin groups republics – small communities comprised of kids from all nations who come together as a united family. During each session, every republic decides on its own name, working together to find common ground and quickly forging a new, common identity. Barefoot Republic is a vehicle of hope. Barefoot will offer a glimpse of Heaven to a population of kids in need of the ability to dream of what God can do with their lives by uniting them with their parents, community and the church to help define His eternal purpose for each one of them.


Republic Leader

May 2021 Fountain Run, KY
“The togetherness and belonging environment they created ”

Administrative Intern

June 2021 - July 2021 Franklin, TN
“I loved the team of people I got to work with and the kids I got to serve this summer. The position required long hours and was exhausting but so so rewarding.”
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