Bambu Global

About Bambu Global

AT BAMBU, WE DREAM IN COLOR. We modulate light energy into paradigm-changing products that enhance and save lives.

Bambu Global is a technology innovator which builds products for commercial, industrial and governmental customers in the lighting, coating and medical fields.

We have a very proud history of broad scientific innovation creating unique, disruptive solutions for customers across global markets. We are an award-winning, experienced organization that has pioneered vertical, client-centric, color and light technology solutions with numerous international patents and applications to our name.

With an executive leadership team experienced in multiple international industries, our core business lays on a foundation of seasoned scientific and engineering team members.


Marketing Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Lowell, MA
“Even though it was only a 2-month internship at Bambu Global, I received tremendous supports from the executives. Every week, I would have different meetings with my direct supports to dissect different marketing projects. I got a chance to leverage my visual graphic skillset through this internship. I always received positive and constructive feedback from my direct reports. My working environment was filled with friendly, professional, and supportive employees. ”
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