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About Bacon Inc

Bacon Work, Inc. is an app based marketplace that allows businesses to make temporary contract work available to workers who want flexible, on-demand work. Businesses can post as little as one shift and workers can choose how, when, and where they want to work. This flexibility attracts great workers who appreciate the opportunity to earn extra money, try new things, and build camaraderie with fellow Bacon gig workers.

Looking for gig work?
Find an opportunity that works best with your schedule, work the shift, and get paid within 3 days. No long-term commitment! Work a lot or work a little - just bring the hustle.


Customer Support specialist

September 2021 Provo, UT
“An excellent work environment with invested leadership that allows you to explore the company and focus on the aspects of the job you enjoy. I've been able to grow in my position and have it molded to my interests and strengths in a way that I haven't experienced at any other employer. ”
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