About Athene

The Company
Athene Holding Ltd. (Athene) is a leading retirement services company that issues, reinsures and acquires retirement savings products designed for the increasing number of individuals and institutions seeking to fund retirement needs. Athene’s operating subsidiaries1 issue and reinsure these retirement savings products, including fixed annuities and funding agreements. Athene was founded in 2009 by James Belardi, former President of SunAmerica Life Insurance Company and now CEO of Athene Holding Ltd., and Chip Gillis, former head of Bear Stearns’ Insurance Solutions Group and now CEO of Athene Life Re.

What Drives Us
We are a company driven to do more and never satisfied with the status quo. Drive. Discipline. Confidence. Focus. Commitment. These are the attributes that set Athene apart and establish us as an industry leader. “We formed Athene based on the fundamentals that I had learned working for 20 years at SunAmerica,” stated Jim Belardi, Athene’s CEO:
•A net investment spread business focused on policyholder protection
•Disciplined risk management based on managing interest rate, credit and equity risks as well as liquidity in current and stressed scenarios
•Hiring smart, focused, achievement-oriented employees
•A high quality, liquid, fixed income asset portfolio together with long-term, low-cost retirement savings liabilities

Our Approach
Our operating subsidiaries’ primary business is issuing, reinsuring and acquiring retirement savings products and similar liabilities through our four distribution channels:
•Institutional Products
•Mergers & Acquisitions

With our experienced management team, we have grown from a startup in 2009 to $93 billion in total assets. We began operating in 2009 when the burdens of the financial crisis and resulting capital demands caused many companies to exit the retirement market, creating the need for a well-capitalized company with an experienced management team to fill the void.

Reaching Higher
We are relentless when it comes to creating innovative financial solutions and building a strong team to serve our shareholders and policyholders. We are committed to a high level of performance which is reflected in our brand tagline “Driven to Do More.”


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