Athari Group

Literate Earth Ambassador

May - July 2018 • Kampala, Uganda

What I liked

Working with the teachers and students to improve their literacy skills, to inculcate a reading culture and to build a bridge between the library and class. I also like the fact that I organized competitive activities like debate, essay writing, reading, story writing, and poems with the purpose engaging children inside the library, to build TEAM spirit, and leadership skills. I was also delighted to attend one of the Literate Earth Project (LEP) library openings at a primary school called Ssanje. It was a privilege for me to see the school shift from a no library to a library. LEP had impacted this students life by making literature accessible, the students can have access to literature either it is for pleasure or academically.

What I wish was different

I wish the reading club I created was solid by the time I left Uganda because the purpose of organizing a reading club was too help the students organized the library, read, write and compile news for the school. Which could guaranteed more the continued existence of the reading culture.


From this experience, I realized taht you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I learned that even little efforts can have an impact on people lives. It is from this, that I drew a picture of what I would like the school that I intend to build to look like. I realized that a school without a library has no foundation because a library is the primary source of information and knowledge. I was brought to a belief that literacy is an instrument of power and an armor of progress for the African continent.
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