What's it like being a Product Management Intern at AT&T?

Day to Day looked different every day as a project management intern. I never really did the same thing twice. I usually walked into the office at my start time and used the first hour to catch up on emails, check my calendar, and check in with my supervisor on what was expected of me today. Duri...
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What should I say in an interview for a Product Management internship?

This internship requires good time management. I was given a lot of assignments with different due dates and sometimes due dates would shift, which would mean I would have to change how I tackled different projects. You need to be good at multi-tasking for this role and be able to switch gears wh...
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How can I succeed at AT&T?

You need to be hard working and wanting to learn new things in order to succeed at AT&T. AT&T is a great company but it is also changing constantly, you need to be open to change and learning everything about the business in order to succeed.
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What skills do I need as a U-Verse Tech?

Technical and mechanical skills are very useful. Technicians use tools extensively, although technicians have time to learn much of these skills while training.The best technicians are great at customer relations and customer service.
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Where do U-Verse Technicians fit at AT&T?

Technicians are very often the only face a customer sees from AT&T. AT&T considers technicians to be “the face of the company.” For that reason customer service is so paramount. Additionally, None of AT&T’s in-home services would be accessible to the customer without the installation by the techn...
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What is the typical compensation for a U-Verse Technician at AT&T?

Technician pay scales get renegotiated every couple years, so it has likely already changed since I left. I believe the pay was $13/hr to start, probably $16 with a college degree, and it capped out in the high $20s.
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How could a Mechanical Engineer contribute to AT&T?

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