Astronaut Monastery

Summer Marketing/Branding Intern

June - August 2018 • New York City, NY

What I liked

Interning at Astronaut Monastery provided me with incredible exposure across a variety of skills, creative functions, and business types. Being a smaller firm, it allowed me to assist the director (Cody Min) directly on everything from video editing to managing contractors to working on set, all while receiving frequent coaching. I was able to make meaningful contributions to projects for name brands like Cole Haan and UNIQLO. Along the way, I gained basic proficiency in programs like InDesign, Capture One, MailChimp, and several others. Though I'm not currently planning on going into a creative industry, the lessons I learned on design, marketing, and branding were invaluable to my broader understanding of business and have aided me in several roles since. Finally, Cody is a pleasure to work for and a true exemplar to learn from.

What I wish was different


As with any internship, don't be afraid to ask questions. A little awkwardness is always better than the frustration of doing something wrong. Cody is more than happy to teach.
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