Association for Wholesaling Diversity

About Association for Wholesaling Diversity

The Association for Wholesaling Diversity (AWD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing training, certification and job placement to black college students considering internships & careers in the lucrative financial services intermediary distribution industry (wholesaling). AWD is NOT a recruiting firm as we are NOT compensated in any way for applicant placement. Our donors contribute to our mission, irrespective of applicant placement. AWD is NOT an employer. All staff are volunteers who are currently employed in the wholesaling industry. AWD simply posts roles on behalf of our corporate donors and hosts virtual events providing complimentary training & certification to students interested in the wholesaling industry. These efforts are part of our overall mission to increase awareness about financial services wholesaling among black college students. There are no costs to students for any AWD program.

Following acceptance of a job offer within the financial services wholesaling industry, AWD provides, at no cost, ongoing training, mentorship and a thriving community of over 600 black professionals currently working within the wholesaling industry.

Our mission to increase black representation in our industry which currently stands at less than 1%.


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May 2021 Thornton, CO
“AWD is a powerful force in the financial wholesaling industry, allowing for black professionals who previously had no representation to thrive and display excellence. The founder is constantly implementing useful tools that have been successfully giving black people a chance in financial services. The best thing about AWD is that all of the resources they provide are easily accessible to any black person interested in becoming a financial wholesaler, no strings attached! ”
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