About Ascendion

At Ascendion, we work to ensure a more prosperous, joyful future for all of us. Ascendion is a digital engineering partner – we make & manage software platforms & products. We focus is in Cloud, Data & AI, Analytics, Product & Platform engineering. To simplify it we create different technology to help companies, so that they can focus on business. With an inclusive workforce, service to our communities, and a vibrant culture, we bring creativity and execution excellence together to make digital transformation valuable (and even fun). Our Associate Account Managers and Account Managers are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with some of the largest clients in the Tech Business. You don’t need to start out as a leading expert in software engineering, AI, the Cloud, or Data. Ascendion’s in-house experts will teach you all you need to know about engineering, sales, and more.


Data Analyst

June 2023 - July 2023 Basking Ridge, NJ
“What truly stood out for me was the commendable working environment. The atmosphere was not only conducive to productivity but also nurtured personal well-being and growth. The spaces were designed in a manner that encouraged both focus and collaboration, making it a pleasure to delve into tasks daily. Moreover, the company's emphasis on work-life balance was genuinely appreciable. They understood that for employees to be at their best, it's crucial to strike a harmonious balance between professional commitments and personal downtime. This holistic approach ensured that not only were the work targets consistently met, but it also allowed for ample time to rejuvenate and cater to personal commitments. In essence, the combination of a supportive work environment and the prioritization of work-life balance made my experience deeply rewarding.”
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