Art x Shanna

About Art x Shanna

Art x Shanna is a luxury art brand that reinvents and elevates the fusion of art and fashion using authentic and iconic fashion pieces by top designers including Chanel, Versace and Gucci. In addition to her one-of-a-kind wall pieces, Shanna creates limited edition art fashion leggings that uses prints from her original art pieces. Art x Shanna aims to inspire fearlessness and a passion for life and creativity. Branded with the artist’s personal motto of “living the shit out of life” and fusing personal triumph and unyielding talent, Art x Shanna is unlike anything the art community has seen. Art x Shanna has produced work for some of music and Hollywood’s biggest names, including Madonna, Steven Tyler, Steve Jones, Kim Kardashian, Alice Cooper, Duran Duran, Queen Latifah, N’Sync, Paris Hilton, Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx, among others.


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May 2020 Scottsdale, AZ
“I like that I get to practice the skills I learn in the classroom and put them to use. I also like that it’s remote so I can work on my own time.”
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