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Business is Personal - Within America’s largest public university, the W. P. Carey School is committed to building a tight-knit community. Through small classes, team-based learning, and individualized attention every step of the way, your W. P. Carey experience is uniquely your own.

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Camp Carey Student Director

March 2018 - August 2018 Tempe, AZ
“Being a Student Director was one of the greatest experiences! I loved being able to work in a team with five other students and collaborate on different projects throughout summer leading up to Camp Carey. Whether going to orientations to recruit freshmen to register, interviewing current students to be Facilitators, or creating and presenting training for staff and faculty, there were always SO many tasks. We had to be sure everything was as close to perfect as possible before each camp session. The coolest thing was probably coming back to campus and seeing so many freshmen and Facilitators who had attended camp. They would all recognize me, and it was so cool to see what an impact I'd had as a student leader.”

Lead Camp Carey Student Director

March 2018 - August 2018 Tempe, AZ
“Everything! As a director, you end up working on a little bit of everything and therefore are never bored. During the preparatory phase for Camp you can be going to Freshman Orientation to speak with students, planning activities, counting inventory, and answering emails all in one day. You do have the opportunity to take ownership of different projects, but it is a highly collaborative atmosphere between all the directors and the Student Engagement Coordinator that works with Camp Carey. I was able to gain a lot of valuable experience in public speaking experience, problem solving, working with large amounts of data, interviewing and training student facilitators, and overall skills development. My communication, leadership, crisis management/problem solving, organization, attention to details, and confidence grew leaps and bounds thanks to this experience. ”
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