Arizona State Senate

About Arizona State Senate

The Arizona State Senate is part of the Arizona Legislature in the State of Arizona. Arizona's bicameral legislature consists of a lower house, the House of Representatives, and an upper house, the Senate. Composed of 90 legislators, the state legislature meets in the Capitol Complex in the state capital of Phoenix, Arizona. Created by the Arizona Constitution upon statehood in 1912, the Arizona State Legislature met biennially until 1950. Today, they meet annually. Session begins the second Monday of each January, and is expected to last 100 calendar days.



January 2019 Phoenix, AZ
“Being a Senate Page has been one of the most formative and positive experiences in my entire life. After having always been passionate about politics, there was something magical about being immersed in the legislature. Getting to see the day in day out operations of the State Legislature was professionally enlightening and personally satisfying. A special thank you to Jenna Lyon who molded me into the professional I am today. ”

Legislative Intern

September 2019 Phoenix, AZ
“I have not done it yet.”
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