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Arizona International is leading a movement at the University of Arizona to set the new standard for international education in the digital age. Through our Micro-Campuses, we are leveraging technology and working side-by-side with international partners to develop the world’s most affordable, accessible, and expansive network for higher education and collaborative research. We are attracting and retaining exceptional students and scholars from across the globe who deeply enrich the intellectual and cultural diversity of the UA. And we are increasing access to study abroad through innovative program models and increased scholarship funding, allowing more Wildcats than ever before to learn in some of the world’s most exciting places. At UA Global, we are redefining international education, and we are just getting started.


Student worker

November 2017 Tucson, AZ
“I love the the people at UA Global, they help support you and are always understanding of your needs, They've taught me a lot over the years, and the experience I received are invaluable. ”
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