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About Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center-Prescott Valley

AAEC is an early college high school that offers college prep programs. We prepare college-bound high school students to better meet the more stringent scholastic requirements for entry into college and universities through concurrent enrollment with the local community college. Our current college prep programs include: Academics, Equine Studies, Math & Sciences, Veterinary & Medical. Students enrolled in college prep programs will have an increased quantity of class work, and expectations to achieve at a higher level.

Each of the core curriculums, as developed by the teachers and administrators at AAEC, must meet certain college prep standards. These standards would include higher levels of reading, writing and advanced math skills. Each level of the curriculums includes skills in research and writing using Modern Language Association guidelines. AAEC pays college tuition for qualified Arizona resident students.


Non-profit intern

May 2017 - June 2017 Port Elizaberth, Eastern Cape
“It was a great experience to go to South Africa and vaccinate the animals on the reserve.”
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