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About Ariel Corporation

Welcome to Ariel Corporation. We are the world leader in the manufacturing of separable reciprocating gas compressors and a key component to our success is our open and friendly work environment. We seek hands-on, confident, curious individuals that value a down-to-Earth, family focused company culture. Please consider us as you embark on the early stages of your career- we look forward to telling our story and hearing yours.

Please note we routinely recruit through Handshake for entry-level fulltime roles as well as co-op & internship assignments.


Applications Engineering Co-op

August 2022 - December 2022 Mount Vernon, OH
“Being from Mount Vernon, I have grown up around Ariel; I heard many positive things about it from friends and family, but I was unaware of the specifics. Now, actually being part of the Ariel community, I have personally experienced the positivity in action. At first, like every other job, it was nerve-wracking to be immersed into a new environment with new people; however, every single person, no matter the department, was friendly, welcoming, ready to give advice work related or not, and willing to go above and beyond to help you find the answer to the questions they did not know. In my department, I learned a greater quality of information than you can learn in just one semester at school and the projects I worked on were smaller, more beneficial to my learning than longer, "busy-work" projects. Ultimately, I enjoy feeling like I, a co-op, made a difference and knowing that my accomplishments will be used by co-ops and employees after I am gone.”

Tool Design Coop

January 2022 - August 2022 Mount Vernon, OH
“This company has an incredible workplace culture within it. There is always work to be done and the company values any and all work put forth. Your contributions are almost guaranteed to be recognized and utilized. The company wanted to hear my take and produce my ideas so that I could actively see my designs in the workplace. Everyone was willing to help in any way they could to help me learn the processes and utilize the resources at my disposal within the company.”
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