Arctic Information Technology

About Arctic Information Technology

Arctic IT® is an innovative technology company specializing in managed services and business application services. We are a member of the Doyon, Limited family of companies, an Alaska Native Corporation 8(a), and a Microsoft Gold Partner. Our focus is to deliver innovative, secure cloud workplace solutions for our clients.

Arctic IT started in 2002 as a local provider for the Anchorage, AK market. Today, our company provides unique, scalable cloud and security solutions to government and commercial organizations nationwide.


Systems Engineering Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 Anchorage, AK
“This internship was very learning-focused, which I appreciated because, with only a basic understanding of the concepts, it allowed me to learn more in-depth throughout the internship. They developed an outline that met my college class syllabus requirements, which allowed me to receive college credit through my university. They paid for a course I took over the length of the internship that helped me throughout. Weekly meetings with my supervisor allowed me to build a good relationship with them and ensure I completed my outline on track. I also had a coworker I could shadow nearly every day who I also built a good relationship with, and they were very helpful in answering questions I would have. This coworker was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and would try to include me in everything he could or thought would be helpful to my learning. They were flexible and understanding with my schedule since I had a trip in the middle of the internship and surgery toward the end. I had the ability to meet and build relationships with leadership. With the knowledge I gained throughout the internship, I made a recommendation report on three clients who needed system upgrades and presented this to the engineering team and some leadership.”
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