About Archonia

We are an online store that sells Pop Culture related figures and merchandise (Dragon Ball, Superheroes, Disney, Gaming, Funko, etc). Our warehouse is located in El Monte, CA.


Marketing/ E-Commerce Assistant

August 2019 - August 2022 El Monte, CA
“-Work environment was flexible -Good learning experience in regard to how a small business handles operations where specialized roles aren’t common like larger businesses -Was able to learn about how to interact with customers, building rapport, inner workings of supply chain, e-commerce, and other facets of business -Co-workers and bosses often had close relationships where they can even discusses their personal lives -Got plenty of practice copywriting, drafting content, and creating announcements ”

e-commerce assistant

August 2021 El Monte, CA
“Company culture is very friendly. Everyone is close including the bosses. We talk about things that are going on in our daily lives, just funny things in passing, and even eat out once in a while. The work isn't difficult and the bosses are very understanding when things happen in life or school. ”
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