Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

About Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to researching and defending the biodiversity of the Greek seas and islands, as well as of the NE Mediterranean region overall.

Archipelagos’ work focuses on a combination of multi-disciplinary scientific research with efficient conservation work, in which the local communities share an active part. This work creates a strategic foundation that enables and strengthens Archipelagos’ campaigns at a local, national and EU level, to defend the rich biodiversity of the eastern Mediterranean from the impacts increasingly threatening it.

We Use Our Scientific Knowledge to:
Cooperate with local communities and authorities to develop and apply pilot management and conservation projects aimed at protecting habitats and species of the Aegean Sea. These projects can later be applied to other parts of Greece and the northeastern Mediterranean.
Work directly to stop destructive human behavior, such as illegal fishing practices, explosions at sea, waste dumping, maritime pollution, erosive overgrazing and other threats to biodiversity.
Launch environmental actions and awareness campaigns at local, national and EU levels through the use of social media, video, animation and printed media in order to inform the public on how to better preserve and actively protect its natural resources.


Marine Conservation Intern

May 2019 - June 2019 Pythagorio, North Aegean Region
“The interns were included in various forms of field work. During my time spent at Archipelagos, I participated in a seal necropsy, boat surveys, and many beach clean-up projects. The supervisors and fellow interns were also very helpful with teaching inexperienced interns how to use equipment they had never used before. For example, I learned how to deploy and use a hydrophone to listen for dolphin clicks on a boat survey. ”

Marine Conservation research intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Samos, North Aegean Region
“I like that I was able to have plenty of options when deciding what I wanted to conduct research on. I also enjoyed learning from everyone there, that is, I didn't only work on my own project.”
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