About Aptiv

Aptiv is a global technology company that is transforming the future of mobility with its portfolio of safe, green and connected solutions for a diverse array of global customers. We believe that the power of new mobility can change the world. And we know how to get it done. At Aptiv, we’re delivering the software capabilities, advanced computing platforms, and networking architecture that makes mobility work. Aptiv will usher in the next generation of active safety, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and connectivity. We deliver the solutions that make tomorrow's mobility a reality today. Aptiv brings unparalleled capabilities in solving the complex challenges associated with safer, greener and more connected transportation. At the core of this capability is the software and vehicle architecture expertise that enables the advanced safety, automated driving, user experience, and connected services that are making the future of mobility work.


Data Analysis Assistant

June 2018 - August 2018 Las Vegas, NV
“I liked that they moved me across the county for the summer, and introduced me to the emerging world of self driving cars. The people were amazing and the company took care of their employees very well. I learned a lot about how self driving cars worked and the very important and intensive testing involved with creating one that would be safe for the public consumption. It was amazing to also work with Lyft and Uber a lot, because our self driving cars were doing rides around the Las Vegas strip for actual customers!”

Operations Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Auburn Hills, MI
“Aptiv gave me the chance to take on an additional project outside of the scope of my original role. This gave me the chance to really get a diverse experience and build on all of the skills that I wanted to going into the role. Aptiv also did a good job exposing their interns to other parts of the business through lunch and learns and other social events. ”
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