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Students get to participate in a wide range of opportunities and business tracks such as operations, marketing, business development, and data analysis. Within these tracks, all Apprentices begin at a baseline of $15 per hour and have the ability to earn more money the longer they stay with the company. Apprentices work an average of 10 hours per week and often continue for a year (or more).

At Apprentice, following orientation, you will start training and getting certified in key skills. Some of our certifications range from learning about Digital Marketing from Google, Content Marketing from Hubspot, and an introduction to Data Analytics from Udacity.

Once working with a company, we provide ongoing coaching and support to both students and entrepreneurs through weekly Apprentice Group Calls! Apprentices take on real responsibilities and have a tangible impact on their company. Apprentices have - helped raise $10M, launched new products, co-authored books, built websites, and more!

Check out the amazing impact Apprentices are having here (case studies).

Here (ApplyApprentice.Com) is the link to our application

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June 2020 New York City, NY
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