Applied Optimization, Inc.

About Applied Optimization, Inc.

Since 1995, Applied Optimization has led in solving complex problems for the United States government and related agencies. AO is an engineering research and development firm focused on space sciences and advanced manufacturing.

In space science we develop algorithms for the control of optical equipment and the collection, reduction and analysis of brightness data for astronomical objects.
In advanced manufacturing we work to develop new mathematical techniques for the de3sign and control of new-generation manufacturing methods such as laser-assisted manufacturing, friction stir welding and stir processing of materials to produce nanostructured grain size.

Our mission is working collaboratively to change our world and we are currently seeking to grow our team. We are professionals who want to make a difference and bring a candidate’s rigorous academic background to a dynamic environment where technical discovery is a daily pursuit.

Applied Optimization is innovative and dedicated to making the world a more positive place to live.


Mechanical Engineer

August 2012 Fairborn, OH
“Work was engaging and relevant. Numerous opportunities to learn new skills.”
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