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Appen, a global AI leader, stands at the forefront with a network of over a million skilled contractors spanning 130 countries. We leverage cutting-edge AI-driven data annotation techniques to enhance AI systems for major tech companies and various industries. Our core values include a commitment to ethical AI and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.


Associate Data Processor

June 2021 - September 2021 Plano, TX
“The type of work being performed was rather simplistic by nature, it just required a good amount of mental focus to get through. The payment ultimately became decent for the work performed, when I first started it was pretty "meh", nothing special, but they were able to get a raise for all the workers there which was nice to see. The training was paid, since this was with Appen Corporate and not via their self-work Appen Connect/Crowd platform. The environment I was in there was very welcoming, even if it was simply cubicle work, people were more than happy to talk and collaborate when necessary or desired. There was also some good opportunity to expand past the basic workload given enough experience and hard work.”

Search Engine Evaluator

June 2018 San Francisco, CA
“I enjoy the flexibility of the position. ”
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