Apparent Inc.

About Apparent Inc.

Apparent, Inc. is an energy management company that is revolutionizing grid edge technologies. Apparent’s cutting-edge energy management platform empowers users to take control of their energy, gain new revenue opportunities, and develop more productive relationships with utility companies. We are leading the way toward real-time synergy between renewables and traditional energy markets.

At the heart of Apparent’s suite of energy technologies is its Intelligent Grid Operating System (igOS™), a cloud-based, machine-learning application that manages distribution level energy assets in parallel with the grid. Hosted on three platforms – an electrical panel, a solar micro-inverter, and a battery power control system – energy systems can operate independently or in concert at customer-designated levels of services, opening doors to new energy and new data markets, including both peer-to-peer and wholesale.


Software Intern

July 2019 - September 2019 Novato, CA
“I really liked the projects that actually had an impact on the technology and products Apparent develops. All of the projects I and other interns have worked on are still being utilized by the software and hardware engineering teams to help to change the way the world manages and uses energy and to utilize green energy more efficiently.”
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