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About APCO, Inc.

At APCO, we specialize in designing and integrating state-of-the-art control systems for industrial applications. Our goal is to provide the best return-on-investment for our clients. We achieve this through implementing Quality Control Systems to ensure safety, operability, reliability, and profitability. Our expertise is unusually broad which gives us the unmatched ability to design, analyze, and implement control systems. APCO is committed to providing prompt and thorough support whenever the need arises. Previous and current process control/SCADA clients of APCO have benefited significantly from the expertise and business practices employed as a normal course of operations at APCO. We pride ourselves on working with the client to provide the system that is best for them. These benefits are available to all our clients past, present, and future.


Assistant Integrator

June 2015 - September 2019 North Salt Lake, UT
“APCO is a phenominal engineering company. The company specialize in automating and optimizing large scale systems for refineries and water treatment, however the company also works in other areas when called upon. Their true specialty is in controlling processes. They have the best culture I've ever seen. They give an unbelievable amount of trust to interns and junior engineers, and have a strong culture of mentorship. Any door is open anytime to anyone. The owner took hours from his schedule regularly to talk with me and teach me. They pay well, conduct business with integrity, and love their employees.”
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