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At MDS Fitness we believe that coaching is essential to achieving life's most important goals. All of our members are coached, on some level, by our staff, who are passionate about seeing RESULTS. Everything we do is to help our members see success where they otherwise would have failed.

We look to hire results driven individuals who are self motivated and eager to learn. We invest in each member of our team in order to help you reach your potential, and possibly grow within our company.

49 Locations Servicing: Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota. Michigan, Washington, Idaho


Certified Personal Trainer

August 2018 Wichita, KS
“I love the interactions I have with clients. I love helping people feel better about themselves both physically and mentally! ”

Certified Personal Trainer

September 2016 Boulder, CO
“I really love interacting with people and seeing tangible results of how I'm making their life better/easier. It's really inspiring to hear that you made a difference in someone's life and its an honor to be able to contribute to that!”
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