About Anthem

Anthem (A Tex-Asian Pub) celebrates the journey taken and the journey still to come. The people you meet along the way and the people you had to leave behind. We can’t actually sing an anthem so our food represents our devotion to coming together in friendship. Grab a seat and revel in the ways variety makes life so much better.

Anthem was inspired by two Texans — Anthony Hitchcock, an Austin-native, and Tony Gentile, a Houston-native (but we love him anyway). Anthony and Tony met in college while working at the same grocery store. They quickly discovered they were both foodies before that word was even a thing, so they joined forces and embarked on a 16-year food odyssey. Together they merged their expertise with Flagship Restaurant Group and developed multiple restaurant concepts in the Midwest.

Their newest and most personal concept, Anthem, was born out of Anthony’s desire to highlight the diversity and range of food from his childhood. He considers himself lucky to have grown up in Austin, surrounded by so many cultures and so much variety. Together, he and Tony created a menu to celebrate the food and people that nourished him along the way.


Commercial Sales Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“Getting to learn about the different departments within the company. I was on a rotational program and so I was with a different department every week.”
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