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ANR Group Inc. (ANR) recruits students from various majors/areas of study for the ANR Summer Internship Program. The Internship program offers paid internships at the Department of Energy site in Richland, WA (Hanford). The internships are for a variety of degree specific positions with Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS) and Navarro-ATL (Hanford Laboratory Management and Integration).

HMIS Internships are open to graduating high school seniors that are enrolled in a college or university for fall semester and Freshman through Graduate students that are enrolled fulltime. Internships typically last 12-14 weeks, and are 40 hours per week. The hourly rate range is $21.55 to $29.99 depending on degree program and class standing.

Minimum qualifications for the HMIS internships are:
US Citizenship
Maintain a 2.5 GPA
Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the internship
Completed at least two quarters/semesters of college education prior to the internship
Enrolled as a full-time student (12+ credit hours) during the two quarters/semesters immediately preceding the start of the internship.

Navarro-ATL internships are open to students with Junior or Senior class standing and meet the minimum qualifications specified above. Navarro-ATL internships are 40 hours per week and last 12-14 weeks. The hourly rate range for these positions are $24.15 to $26.46 per hour. depending on class standing.

Additionally, ANR recruits and hires professionals for various positions within the Nuclear industry and for Department of Energy projects. Professional positions can be found on the ANR Group Inc website or on the ANR LinkedIn page.


Contract Specialist Intern

May 2019 Richland, WA
“I loved the opportunity to learn about a whole different side of business than what I had up to this point in my degree. Contracts are so meticulous and involved.”
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