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About American Village Camps

American Village Camps are English-language residential camps in France, staffed by native anglophones and francophones. Our goal is to help French children and adolescents learn the English language while having fun with friends!

The official language of our camps is English. We welcome learners of varying levels. Counselor plan, organize, & lead activities and classes in English.

All recruitment for camp takes place at the centralized camp office in Rodez, France. The camps are not in Rodez, our various camp locations are spread all across France. We organize camps from February to October! Counselors work anywhere from one to eight weeks at a time. We determine that based on the counselor's availability and the camp schedule.

The positions open to Americans are called Language counselor positions. Our Language counselors have summer camp experience in their native countries. They understand and adhere to the goals and policies of American Village. Most of our American Village staff are American college students, all with special skills - athletic, artistic, teaching, musical, theatrical, outdoors. They are young adults that are curious, energetic, organized and even silly at times! They are not addicted to technology, and have no problem turning their smartphone off and leaving it in their bunk during the workday.

There is also a portion of our team that is French. These French counselors have a French childcare certification, and speak English (intermediary & advanced levels). The French counselors are called Daily Life counselors.

All our counselors are the heart of our program, our staff members love giving a helping hand, and enjoy watching our campers learn and grow.

For many campers, our language counselors are the first foreigners they have ever met. This positive culture exchange not only helps them to form words, phrases, and sentences in English, but also helps them to form positive ideas about our world community!

The language counselors are part of what makes our camps so unique!

American Village Camps are owned and managed by Nacel France, and belong to the Go&Live corporate group. The Go&Live group promotes learning in France through active participation, cultural exchange and linguistic immersion.


Camp Counselor

June 2018 - July 2018 Lyon, Rhône
“I loved being in France and working with children to better their English”
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