American Superconductor

Network Solutions Planning and Applications Engineering Internship

September 2020 • Ayer, MA

What I liked

My supervisor was very concerned with how much I learned and how much I gained from this experience. He was constantly trying to get me involved and encouraged engineers on the team to reach out and include me in some of their tasks. He was very patient and always made it a point to not make me feel overwhelmed or inferior to the other engineers. The work itself was in a subset of Electrical engineering I haven't worked in (Power Systems). It was a really nice surprise to discover a different career path within my Major of study and it has influenced me to take a course related to this material for my last tech elective.

What I wish was different

Honestly, this experience has been a very positive one. There isn't much about the job that I don't like. I'd say the pandemic has had its effect on the workplace. I may have been more productive or learned more because of the close interaction I'd have working together in an office. However, working from home has brought on other good traits. I feel more confident reaching out to others and I am not as shy since much of my day includes video calls. It's allowed me to be more independent which can be stressful at times but has taught me to better control my time.


Don't be afraid to ask for help. I worked as an engineering Co-op at a different company before this internship. I left feeling defeated and unfulfilled, with a lot of guilt on my shoulders for not reaching out enough. It shifted my perception on what I wanted in a job, which was good mentorship, so that I could learn more. I got my wish with this internship. My supervisor has been extremely helpful in guiding me through this process, however I still find myself feeling anxious and spending ample amounts of time googling information rather than reaching out to team members. I am scared of seeming stupid and it is hard to shake the feeling that you're some imposter to their workforce. This is not the case. If I have learned anything during this experience, it is that expectations are pretty low and that it is expected you will need help. The best way to go about these tough tasks is to ask for help, this shows initiative and gets that answer faster than a few hours looking up a google search. Keep your head up, ask for help, and stay confident in your abilities!
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