American Sugar Refining

About American Sugar Refining

ASR Group’s companies have more than 150 years of experience taking sugar cane from the field to the table. Our expertise in every aspect of the cane sugar process is without equal.

We are the largest vertically integrated cane sugar refiner in the world. Our nine refineries are found in five countries across the globe and collectively can produce more than six million tonnes of sugar. We also own and operate sugar mills in the United States, Mexico and Belize.

As an expert in raw sugar procurement, our reach spans more than 40 countries and our network of partners and suppliers has never been stronger.

Our brands are leaders in their respective markets. We sell our branded and private label sugars, sweeteners and syrups are in the grocery, food service, industrial and pharmaceutical channels in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.

We also employ a sophisticated global supply chain management system to satisfy our customers, which include some of the most important food and retail companies on the planet.

Our consulting and technical solutions team has completed more than 200 major projects in more than 130 countries, delivering customized solutions to growers, millers, refiners and manufacturers.

We are:
Millers and Refiners
Buyers of Raw Sugar
Sellers of Refined Sugar
Chemists and Engineers
Experts in Raw Sugar Futures
Logistics Specialists
Supply Chain Experts
Marketers and Distributors
Business People

We are ASR Group.


Continuous Improvement Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Baltimore, MD
“Going through green belt training and learning how a large company operates. Working with great people and learning about the machinery.”
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