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About American Majority

American Majority is the organizing arm for conservatives. We are helping put in place the nation’s new, conservative grassroots infrastructure. American Majority uses cutting-edge training and technology to empower individuals and groups with the most effective tools for promoting liberty through limited government. American Majority trains thousands of activists and new leaders each year in communities across the country to be catalysts for authentic change in government. American Majority has conducted over 800 trainings in 45 different states, training over 29,000 new leaders and activists.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization it is dedicated to developing a new generation of American leadership that will reject the self-destructive policies associated with government expansion. We believe that change begins not in Washington, but in our state and local communities, where a significant percentage of government spending occurs. And we believe that if enough people will organize at the local level, it will lead to a groundswell that will bring national, generational change.


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June 2020 - November 2020 Purcellville, VA
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