American Foundation for the Blind

About American Foundation for the Blind

American Foundation for the Blind’s mission is to create a world of no limits for people who are blind or have low vision. AFB mobilizes supporters, engages leaders, advances understanding, and leverages research to champion policies and practices that improve the lives of its constituents.

AFB has a long, proud history of removing barriers, ensuring inclusion, and creating positive change in the world for millions of people with vision loss. AFB believes that vision loss must never stand in the way of dreams. Founded in 1921 by M.C. Migel to serve blinded World War I veterans, AFB quickly expanded its mission to serve all Americans with vision loss. Helen Keller, the world-famous deafblind author and activist, joined the organization in 1924 and, with AFB, paved the way for significant social change in America.

Today, AFB uses its strengths and the “no limits” determination modeled by Ms. Keller to support blind or low vision people in employment, education, rehabilitation, community building, and advocacy.

Despite a century of progress, much work remains to ensure a level playing field for people who are blind or have low vision. Today’s social and economic systems continue to produce and perpetuate staggering inequalities among people with vision loss, leading to higher levels of unemployment, increased isolation, lower graduation rates, and poverty. AFB is committed to creating a more inclusive and just society by mobilizing leaders and influencers, championing impactful policies and practices, and promoting understanding of the most effective drivers of change. Our vision is a world without limits, where people who are blind or have low vision are working, going to school and participating in community life, unhindered by barriers.


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