Alpine Physical Therapy Internship

About Alpine Physical Therapy Internship

Our Best of State 225 Hour Complete Program entails you not just getting observation hours for school and experience. We're dedicated to our future medical professionals and wish to help out in every way we can by making this one and only hands-on experience a powerful one for your future!

We have several things that other internships don't have which include: Dedicated Instructors, 80% Intern Attention, Paid Internship Instructors, Documented Competency, Written Quizzes (23), Practical Evaluations (15), Skill Pass Offs, Hands-on experience, Live training sessions, Certificate of Completion, Teaching Opportunities, Leadership, Opportunities, Supervised Patient Interaction, Hour by Hour Accountability, Detailed Learning Journal, Post Grad Letter Of Recommendation, Practical Application of Marketing, Internship Networking, Scholarship Qualification, and Most External Scholarships Awarded Internship!

In particular, we offer Hands-on Experience, Medical Terminology, SOAP/Medical Notes, Therapeutic Exercises, Modalities, Manual Techniques, Personal Training, Marketing Skills, and Pre-Professional Skills here at Alpine Physical Therapy's Internship Program. Nowhere else will you find a pre-professional medical internship as extensive, career-boosting, and resume building as ours in the state of Utah.


Exercise specialist

July 2020 - November 2020 Alpine, UT
“How hands on the experience have been. Learning applied techniques and more about the field in a live setting. ”
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