Alpine Fence & Deck

Deck Technician

July - September 2019 • Provo, UT

What I liked

It was great to work outdoors during the summer! I was also able to get some awesome work experience that varied from what I had done before. The work was very satisfying because I could see my progress as I was working on a project.

What I wish was different

I with that the management had been a little bit better. Unfortunately, it was a smaller company than I had thought, and there were things about the job that I hadn't anticipated because it was a small company. The manager had a different full time job, so he didn't really take a whole lot of time to manage the company.


When applying to work with companies that are small and aren't well known, make sure that you know how consistent the payments are and exactly what the expectations are. My advice is to do something during the summer that you love doing. Don't focus too much on getting the most applicable work experience.
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