All Solutions Pest Control

Sales Manager

November 2017 - August 2019 • St. Louis, MO

What I liked

I loved how I wasn’t just another number within this company. It’s a small local company so there is not a huge political ladder in the company (you have the boss man, manager, and the sales team). It is the companies 5th year and so far there is only one office and it has great reviews in the community. I’ve known the owner for over four years now and the camaraderie within the office is unlike any other office I’ve worked in.

What I wish was different

Otherwise from my own dedication at times to work hard and stay motivated to knock doors all summer long, nothing else. It’s nice being able to focus on the job because you’re also far from home. It helps you to commit to work hard. Why else are you there?


If you don’t give it all you have, you’ll get complacent and just long for home and family vacations you’re missing out on. Fully commit, work on your own personal well-being while you’re out there, and work hard / play hard.
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