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About All Families Healthcare

We are a small reproductive healthcare clinic in Whitefish, Montana... right near Glacier National Park!

Our story began when the local abortion clinic in Kalispell, the neighboring city, was destroyed in 2014 by an anti-abortion zealot. Helen Weems, a family nurse practitioner, recognized the newly created gap in care of the local health system, and opened All Families Healthcare in 2018 to ensure that patients in the Flathead Valley have access to safe and compassionate reproductive healthcare services. All Families strives to provide compassionate, patient-centered healthcare in an environment that is warm and inclusive to patients locally and from the surrounding rural areas. We believe sexual and reproductive health is integral to human health and as such is essential health care. Our vision is that by providing care that includes the means to choose the number and timing of one’s children, we will improve the wellbeing of individuals and families in our communities.


Clinic Assistant

June 2020 Whitefish, MT
“Working at All Families has honestly been an incredible learning experience. As a clinic of only three people, I've gotten exposure to all elements of the patient visit from scheduling to ultrasounds to lab work. Helen is a thoughtful and caring mentor as well as an incredibly compassionate healthcare provider. She has given me the chance to grow in this roll with new responsibilities being added over time. She invites me to attend webinars and virtual conferences as well, where I've learned about relevant research and improved practices in reproductive healthcare. Helen is a trailblazer--running a clinic in small-town Montana that is the only one in over 100 miles offering abortion care. She cares about her patients and community deeply, and has instilled the same passion within me as an aspiring healthcare provider. She put a lot of effort into making this experience fun, empowering, and educational! Also, since the clinic is only open 4 days/week there are ample chances to explore the surrounding area (Glacier National Park!) ”
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