Air Force Research Laboratory

About Air Force Research Laboratory

AFRL’s Information Directorate, located in Rome, NY, has over 700 scientists and engineers on site researching and solving the Air Force's toughest information technology challenges as applied to the air, space, and cyber domains. Located at the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, the Rome Research Site campus is situated on sixty-five acres and houses some of the finest research and development facilities in the country. Our research focus areas span the full spectrum of information technologies including defensive cyber and information operations, information fusion and exploitation, communications and networking, decision support and planning systems, secure data sharing and information dissemination, and autonomous & intelligent information systems technologies.


Repperger Research Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
“I enjoyed the collaborative environment while exploring meaningful applications for supporting and advancing the health and performance of airmen, warfighters, and civilians alike. ”

Biodynamics Intern

May 2022 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
“Working for the Air Force gives you so much experience in so many different areas. In my building alone, there were always at least 4 studies going on at once, and I was always welcome to help with any of them. You will be given specific tasks sometimes, but other times you can help with whatever study interests you the most. In that way, your work is customizable. Also, everyone was very nice and the hours were very relaxed. ”
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