Administrative Office of the United States Courts

Summer Intern

May - August 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

This experience was my first true foray into the working world and showed me much about developing office etiquette and the importance of establishing professional connections. Almost unequivocally, the people I met at the AO were some of the nicest I could've met in a workforce environment. Most everyone is willing to aid you on current projects or provide you with additional tasks if you desire. Fieldtrips to the Supreme Court and the US Capitol (with lunch provided) were some of the best opportunities to get to know other interns and establish connections. Transportation is relatively easy as the main building is adjacent to Union Station. Summer Interns are provided pre-paid transit cards.

What I wish was different

There were times where I came into work not sure of what I'd be doing that day. A little bit of creativity and tenacity can go a long way in keeping you occupied during these stretches.


Understand that your supervisor may not always have the time to directly work with you given their own roles and duties. WIth this, don't be afraid to walk around and ask other coworkers if you can aid them in any way. Simple tasks at the start can lead to more rewarding projects as you get to know those around you.
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