Adirondack Trail Improvement Society

About Adirondack Trail Improvement Society

ATIS Mission Statement

The mission of ATIS is to inspire responsible ​stewardship and facilitate healthy enjoyment of wild lands and to support individuals in developing the skills and qualities necessary to thrive in the natural world and beyond. The mission is accomplished via educational and recreational programs for youth and adults from diverse communities and the maintenance and enhancement of public hiking trails in the ​vicinity of Keene Valley, New York.

History of the ATIS

The Adirondack Trail Improvement Society was founded in 1897 to insure regular maintenance and consistent marking of the trails in the St. Huberts and Ausable Lakes area. Later, the organization began hiring trail counselors to lead hiking and camping trips, thus expanding its mission to include education on the proper use and enjoyment of the Adirondack wilderness.

ATIS Today

Today, this non-profit membership organization hires both a seasonal trail crew and a counselor staff. The trail crew maintains over 100 miles of public hiking trails during a season that runs from May to August. In June, the trained counselor staff conducts High Peaks Camp, a two-week residential wilderness camping program for 18 children aged 12-15. During July and August, the same staff supervises daily and overnight hiking, rock climbing, nature exploration, and canoeing trips. There is also a separate schedule of volunteer-led adult trips. In addition, the Society sponsors occasional lectures and other events during the summer season. Each month's activities are topped off by a picnic supper at the Lower Ausable Lake. The picnic includes water sports, canoe races, recognition of achievements and, in August, a skit.

The A.T.I.S. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded by donations from its membership, which is open to all who share the society's goals and ideals.


Trail Crew Member

May 2018 - August 2018 Keene, NY
“I really loved being outside all day everyday, and getting to hike and explore a new and really beautiful area. I also enjoyed the physically demanding nature of the work.”
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