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About Ada County Sheriff's Office

Coming to work at the Ada County Sheriff's Office means more than just accepting a job. You're becoming part of a rich tradition of excellence and a community of people working to make a difference. We are the largest law enforcement agency in the state of Idaho serving a population over 500,000. Our mission is to make safer places for you to live, work, and play.
With over 850 employees in over 60 different career fields we offer a wide variety of employment opportunities. You can become a patrol or detention officer, 911 dispatcher, records or jail technician, nurse, driver's license clerk, food service officer, accounting clerk, or choose from a variety of other administrative positions. There are also numerous opportunities for career advancement, professional growth and development. If you want more information about career opportunities, need assistance completing your online application or have additional questions, please contact the ACSO HR Dept. @ or 208-577-3550.


Property and Evidence Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Boise, ID
“I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the people, and the sense of helping and getting stuff done within the Property and Evidence Department. Being around individuals with the same values of upholding the law and helping better the experience for others was a very fulfilling feeling. ”
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