About ACTS

ACTS has been serving the Florida community since 1978, providing individualized behavioral health services in substance abuse and mental health.

ACTS provides and manages a broad array of behavioral health services, including prevention, acute care and stabilization, treatment and support services in the arenas of substance abuse, co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness, child protection, delinquency, criminal justice, housing, economic self-sufficiency, health and wellness.

ACTS has combined excellence and compassion with best practice to address addiction through a variety of services to help achieve recovery. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective substance abuse and mental health treatment with the highest level of care.


Equipment Operater

June 2019 Blanco, TX
“I was treated fairly, and we worked hard day in and day out. It really made me feel like I was actually working for my money, and that’s something that I appreciate.”
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