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About Activant Capital

We are a global venture & growth investment firm, obsessed with founders and their tech-centric companies shaping the commerce infrastructure of tomorrow. Building on the success of our funds to date, we continue to expand in size, geographic reach (offices in New York, Greenwich, Berlin, and Cape Town), and a growing portfolio of companies led by phenomenal entrepreneurs. Our team is comprised of people-centric individuals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about discovering and working with disruptive growth-stage businesses.


Summer Fellow

June 2020 - August 2020 Greenwich, CT
“The investment team cares about each other, and everyone's opinion is valued (and necessary). One the benefits of a small team is that it becomes impossible for anyone to get siloed into doing exclusively one thing. It's a little bit of a trial by fire, but you learn so much because you do a little bit of everything, which becomes obvious if you abstain from a conversation. The leadership of the firm will consistently seek out your opinion because they care so much about a breadth of ideas and perspectives.”
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