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About Acivilate, Inc.

At Acivilate, we believe in Second Chances. We’re on a mission to change how criminal justice works. Our mobile platform empowers people to get the help they need to stay out of trouble. Peer mentors can provide good guidance and service providers can understand who needs encouragement and who needs to be reminded of the consequences of their actions.

Acivilate™ bridges the gaps between corrections and community supervision, social services and community-based organizations, and makes it easier for them to help returning citizens who are determined to change their lives. Whether citizens are reentering society from prison or jail, working through probation assignments from drug courts, problem-solving courts, juvenile courts, or other alternatives to incarceration, the Acivilate™ platform can enable returning citizens to plan and organize their progress, and access the supports and services that are available to help them help themselves. Our team is committed to helping people in their successful reentry into society.


developmental engineering intern

May 2017 - August 2017 Atlanta, GA
“Laid back environment. Startup culture makes other employees more inclined to make the environment a collaborative one where ideas are shared and everyone develops each others skills.”
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